Rug Hooking

Loops on the seat of a chair.

Rug Hooking is an old hobby and a way to make rugs. You can find how to do traditional rug hooking in a whole lot of places on the internet these days. The first Archeological findings of canvas with loops of yarn was actually found in Denmark from very early on B.C.

The Danella Hooking Tool was invented in Denmark in the mid 1900’s to avoid injuries and worsened arthritis and to make rug hooking more efficient. The tool is operated by hand and is easy to take home and get started with. To demonstrate the tool you can see a video on this link: Demonstration Video.

In the 1980’s the tool was exported to Japan. In 1987 Japan the artist Senda Eiko wrote a handicraft book for the use of the tool. In 2014 Danella had it translated and edited to English, Danish and Spanish. If you go to http://www.danella.dk, and choose the relevant language, you will see a shop link to the book at the first page you get to.

Danella Yarn is used for this kind of rug hooking, and in Danella has been developed a color set of yarn colors that suits rug hooking. The yarn is 100% strong worsted yarn. You can see the Color card on this link: Danella Yarn and Canvas.

Color pattern and yarn color card for a rug hooking kit.

Patterns has been manufactured in great numbers. They are now for display in Catalogue books and E-book-format to see if that was a solution to the needs now a day.

To make it easier to find out how to buy we wrote this page; How to Buy.


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