Artist Valérie Gobeil from Montreal, Canada

Valérie purchased her Danella Hooking Tool in july 2019 at the age of 38. About her background Valérie tell me: ‘I have a master degree in visual arts. I’ve been working with textile and fiber for twelve years now. Before I had a practice in painting.’

Portfolio picture
Tufted with tufting gun. From Portfolio «Je peins avec la fibre» «I paint with fiber»

Valerie also has a tufting gun. On a video you can see how fast it runs: Tufting gun video

For comparison you can see a video also made by her with Danella hooking Tool. You can see the rug hooking up very close and also you can hear how it sounds very clearly. Danella Hooking Tool in action

There is a big difference in the way the tufting gun walks and moves and the way the Danella Tool works. But of course they are both very efficient and Valerie can quickly cover large areas of canvas when she paints with yarn.

On her instagram Valérie Gobeil shows how she not only deals with rug hooking but also other arts.

Valerie Gobeil4
Tufted with Danella Hooking Tool. Art by Valérie Gobeil.

I asked Valérie to compare the two methods of  tufting gun and Hooking Tool. Answer: ‘The speed for sure. I can achieve huge projects in less time with the tufting gun. It can take bigger yarns too. The Danella needle takes small yarns. It gives finer details.’

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