4th Language version of Rug Making book

German book in the “Rug Making” learner book series from Danella – inspiring books about rug hooking.


I have now finished working on a book in German – a translation of the book called Rug Making by Japanese Danella user Senda Eiko. I decided to call the Danella Hooking Tool ‘Danella Handtuft Werkzeug’ in German and not as earlier Danella Teppich-nadel. A teppich-nadel is just a normal strong needle.

I have sent my book of to the German National Library hoping that could spread the knowledge about it. I am sure it didnt reach them yet since I sent it at low speed. I also need to inform my stockist in Germany. I hope it will go better with the German edition than the Spanish one. My version in Spanish didnt sell any. So it might be that I wasted time this time. However the Danish version has more luck since I sent it to the Danish national library and the English is going pretty well. People say that they get so inspired reading it. I even got the Danish edition listed on the library catalogue called ‘World Cat’ https://www.worldcat.org/, thanks to the Danish libraries that has been so helpful. I have also sent the English version off to Canada, US and British National libraries. I hope they will also list it soon.


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