History video series about Danella

I love to make youtube videos!1-the people

In 2016 I created some videos of the history of Danella. Somehow I thought they were deleted from my computer. But today I found them. It is a little series of 4 videos where I tell the story of my grandparents and the invention of the Danella Tool. When I made it I thought I would only sell the lot. But now I have decided that they should be public. The first one is called ‘The People’ and introduce us to Ernst and some of Ellas family taken from my family photographs. Soon I will publish the rest of the shortfilms.

Artist Valérie Gobeil from Montreal, Canada

Valérie purchased her Danella Hooking Tool in july 2019 at the age of 38. About her background Valérie tell me: ‘I have a master degree in visual arts. I’ve been working with textile and fiber for twelve years now. Before I had a practice in painting.’

Portfolio picture
Tufted with tufting gun. From Portfolio «Je peins avec la fibre» «I paint with fiber»

Valerie also has a tufting gun. On a video you can see how fast it runs: Tufting gun video

For comparison you can see a video also made by her with Danella hooking Tool. You can see the rug hooking up very close and also you can hear how it sounds very clearly. Danella Hooking Tool in action

There is a big difference in the way the tufting gun walks and moves and the way the Danella Tool works. But of course they are both very efficient and Valerie can quickly cover large areas of canvas when she paints with yarn.

On her instagram Valérie Gobeil shows how she not only deals with rug hooking but also other arts.

Valerie Gobeil4
Tufted with Danella Hooking Tool. Art by Valérie Gobeil.

I asked Valérie to compare the two methods of  tufting gun and Hooking Tool. Answer: ‘The speed for sure. I can achieve huge projects in less time with the tufting gun. It can take bigger yarns too. The Danella needle takes small yarns. It gives finer details.’

Update on our videos

Hi everybody !

We got our lost videos back, about how to use Danella gear.
und one of them and republished it here: Youtube videos. By the way we are still looking for someone who can help make some caption files for our video on Amazon.com: Demonstration and History This video holds the background story of Danella – how it was started. I thought I could sell it but it turned out that I needed to make captions files in every language. But that was pretty difficult since I couldnt even see the video myself (tried to purchase it). But off course I can get it. Just need to contact amazon support… So I still have a some work left in tranlating… If anyone can help please write to us!

Rug Hooking Kits online now

Today I have uploaded all the pictures of Danella Rug Hooking Kits. They are found on the following link: Danella Rug Hooking Kits

If a person is interested in any of them please come into our online shop and make a custom order for it. Every Kit has a number and a size given in cm (1 inch=2,54 cm). Some have multiple sizes. After you have asked for the custom order we will make you a price. Some of the kits are there all ready.


Students Tufts for Tits

During october every year hundreds of persons wear a rose band that signifies support to the fight against brest cancer. Two students from the School of Textiles in Borås in Sweden: Edith Carefalk and Ida Linde, has been chosen to interpret the rose band of last year in the project they call ‘Tufta för Tuttar’ which translates to Tufting for Tits.

Young Artists and designers have been asked to interpret the rose band of the Cancer Foundation. This happens in order to celebrate the 10 year jubilee of the rose band.

Why did you get committed in this exhibition?

-With our work we wish to support the fight against brest cancer and show a new exciting side of what textile design can be. We applied for ’10 Rose Years’ because we thought it was a fun initiative in a good cause.


The works are for sale during the exhibition and the outcome will go to the Cancer Foundation.

The exhibition is shown on Nau Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden between october 1st and 1oth. At the exhibition will ten students show of their works.

Here are some of the results: Tufta for Tuttor

Sept 2015 Source



4th Language version of Rug Making book

German book in the “Rug Making” learner book series from Danella – inspiring books about rug hooking.


I have now finished working on a book in German – a translation of the book called Rug Making by Japanese Danella user Senda Eiko. I decided to call the Danella Hooking Tool ‘Danella Handtuft Werkzeug’ in German and not as earlier Danella Teppich-nadel. A teppich-nadel is just a normal strong needle.

I have sent my book of to the German National Library hoping that could spread the knowledge about it. I am sure it didnt reach them yet since I sent it at low speed. I also need to inform my stockist in Germany. I hope it will go better with the German edition than the Spanish one. My version in Spanish didnt sell any. So it might be that I wasted time this time. However the Danish version has more luck since I sent it to the Danish national library and the English is going pretty well. People say that they get so inspired reading it. I even got the Danish edition listed on the library catalogue called ‘World Cat’ https://www.worldcat.org/, thanks to the Danish libraries that has been so helpful. I have also sent the English version off to Canada, US and British National libraries. I hope they will also list it soon.

Oriental Carpet Designs


So I published a kindle book and a book called ‘Oriental Carpet Designs’. This was to show of the big carpet designs from Danella to interested people. Our printed catalogue with the same name was used up. Earlier I published a kindle book and book called Catalogue no. 6 that has a variety of carpet pattern types. Including cushions and non oriental carpet designs. I also published a kindle called ‘Wall Hangings’.


Flowry Carpets

I would like to show you a small collection of flowry carpets designed in Danella. side49-2k

The above rug is a section of pattern #425, you can also see some of pattern #425 on this link.


The above rug or tapestry#337 is inspired by some weaved flowers that I have seen.

s27a 205x140-521

Robin Hoods Carpet #521 from Danella.


The above rug is part of the book “Rug Making” by the Japanese Senda Eiko.

initerior (13)

Above you see part of the interior of Ulstrup House where Danella Carpet #1260 is placed at the old desc. Perhaps you see glimpses of this carpet on the video: Ulstrup House and Danella Rug Hooking.